On-Line Training

Introducing At-Home Training programs directed by Sifu Romain. Now you can train with the EWKF Academy from the comfort of your own home.


Introduction to our EWKF On-Line Training Program


Getting Started


Welcome to EWKF ON-LINE TRAINING! As a student of our program, it is important to master both theory and practice to achieve a higher degree of skill in Tai Chi.

There are 3 levels of training. They include beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In order to advance, you will need to pass the required tests and complete the training log. As you attain higher levels of knowledge and skill, you will be developing greater physical fitness, self-discipline, and mental focus.


The Tai Chi techniques demonstrated in this video series should not be attempted without full awareness and acceptance of the risks involved. Accordingly, the producers, Edgewater Kung-Fu, Inc. and its affiliates cannot accept any responsibility for any prosecutions or proceedings brought or instituted against any technique described or any loss, injury or damage caused thereby. In practicing and perfecting these techniques, you (being the person watching and learning from our videos) must take full responsibility.


Remember: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

So let’s begin. Click the link below and start your journey.


Tai Chi at Home Training



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