Tai Chi and High Blood Pressure

As many Americans grow older, they have become more concerned with staving off high blood pressure, which leads to strokes, heart attacks and kidney disease. These life-threatening diseases can be mitigated by the relaxed, slow movements of Tai Chi, a practice that prevents and even lowersblood pressure.Fortunately, it can take only weeks to start experiencing the benefits of a regular Tai Chi practice.


In a number of recent studies, Tai Chi has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure. In a study conducted by Taipei Medical University, two groups (a Tai Chi group and a sedentary control group) of 76 individuals with mild high hypertension were compared. After 12 weeks of practice, the Tai Chi group’s blood pressure decreased by an average of 15.6 Hg. In addition, the Tai Chi group’s cholesterol and anxiety levels were lowered.


In another study of elderly subjects, Tai Chi was found to improve blood pressure, vascular resistance and pulse pressure, all signs of good cardiovascular function. Because of this and other similar studies, Tai Chi is recognized as an ideal form of exercise for older populations, since it is a low-impact exercise that has a significant impact on heart health.


Even with a weekly practice of an hour and a half, the positive effects of Tai Chi can be reaped. Start with a program that includes a 10-minute warm-up, 30-minute Tai Chi exercise, followed by a 10-minute cool-down. Visit my website (Click here for online program) to start your heart-healthy Tai Chi program today or study with me at Edgewater Kung Fu (click here).