Tai Chi for the Immune System

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Tai Chi for the Immune System


Practicing Tai Chi has been scientifically proven to improve the immune system. During a Tai Chi workout, there is a flow of steady, meditative movement and breath that focuses the mind and conditions the body. Experts hypothesize that these slow, gliding movements and controlled breathing combine in a powerful  force against toxins and diseases. By bolstering the lymphatic system, the body’s natural defense system, Tai Chi protects against colds, flus and auto-immune diseases.


Researchers tested a group of experienced Tai Chi practitioners for twelve weeks to measure the impact of the martial art on immunity, and discovered that it significantly boosted the regulatory action of T-cells. These white blood cells are instrumental in fighting against cold and flu infections and help the body combat chronic diseases like diabetes.


Because Tai Chi improves T-cell function, it is able to alter the immune response in individuals with type 2 Diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels.  In addition to regulating blood sugar, Tai Chi improves physical functioning, vitality and overall mental  health in individuals with diabetes.


Tai Chi also seems to have an additive effect on the efficacy of vaccines. In one study, two groups of individuals (control and Tai Chi group) were compared to determine if the influenza vaccine increased immunity antibodies created by the vaccine. The group practicing Tai Chi was found to have significantly more antibodies fighting against the flu. In a similar study with individuals who were given a varicella zoster virus vaccine (shingles and chicken pox virus), 25 weeks of Tai Chi doubled their immunity against the virus in comparison to a control group.


Not only is Tai Chi potent medicine against the common cold, the practice can boost immunity for those with compromised immune systems. For more information on the Tai Chi Immune Response, watch this video (Click here for Dr. Oz video) and practice with me here (Click here to subscribe to our online workout).