What is Tai Chi?


Tai Chi

 is a slow, gentle flow of movement. Tai Chi is well-known as an ancient martial art. It can also be a very effective workout to deal with the stress of modern life. Because Tai Chi works on both the physical and mental levels of the individual, it is particularly helpful for people experiencing tension and anxiety. Although it isn’t a strenuous activity, it conditions the body while promoting healthy breathing by harnessing the power of “chi,” the life-force energy.


One of the strengths of Tai Chi is that it can be done by all ages and fitness levels. Tai Chi doesn’t require any special equipment, so you can practice at home or in the office. It promotes self-awareness, and is recognized for being a low-impact physical workout that centers the mind and body.


A beginner can start to reap the benefits of the practice from day one while learning the movements and postures.Over time, the practitioner will notice increased flexibility, balance and strength. Because of the slow, fluid movements and focus on the breath, Tai Chi promotes healthy joint, heart and lung function as well. When practiced on a regular basis, Tai Chi workouts can be a helpful tool to prevent disease, stress and pain.


Health-conscious individuals and world-class athletes use Tai Chi to train and strengthen both mind and body through a series of slow-motion postures. For individuals with diseases and illnesses, Tai Chi can be especially beneficial since there are specific movements that can be used to ease pain and direct chi to areas that need healing.


The best way to learn Tai Chi is under the instruction of a skilled teacher (Click here). If you’d like practice at home, our on-line training program (click here for our online training program) is a great way to learn the movement at your own pace and develop your skills. No matter your level of experience, Tai Chi is a great workout that is unique in its ability to increase the mind-body connection.

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